Silicon Wafer

Our Silicon Wafer section has begun to serve American market since 1996. ACA sells silicon wafers to customers in the United States and Europe.  Our customers include internationally well-known companies such as Texas Instruments Inc., Allegro Microsystem Inc., Microsemi Corp, and Semikron Electronics GmbH. For our wafer customers, ACA takes it as its mission to understand our customers’ specific needs, to facilitate the communications between the end users and the manufacturer, and to solve any problems that may occur in the processes of delivery, import, and application in order to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction. Over the years, more and more customers begin to enjoy the benefits of ACA service in terms of high quality wafers, customized products, flexibility with minimum quantity orders, short lead time, and competitive prices.  ACA’s engineers and sales personals in this section are well-prepared for reducing production costs and improving product performance for end users. 

ACA sells lapped silicon wafers, polish silicon wafers, epi silicon wafers with both CZ and FZ types from 4", 5", 6", to 8” diameters. We also sell SOI wafers.

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